What is the ‘State of the Debate’ on development in Brazil, China, and India?

16 October 2014

Three new reports on the “state of the debate” on development in Brazil, China and India were presented at a Chatham House event earlier this week. The reports throw important insights into these countries’ activities and perceptions of their roles in development cooperation. 

Photo from the joint IDS Rising Powers in International Development programme and Chatham House event on 14 October 2014. Credit: Emilie Wilson

Hosted at the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House), report contributors, or those speaking on their behalf in the case of India, shared unique insight into each country’s:

  • History of development cooperation 
  • Current institutional frameworks and decision-making bodies and processes
  • The role of business and civil society
  • Public opinion and media debates

Speakers were:

Dr Jing Gu and Dr Alex Shankland from the IDS Rising Powers programme, and 
Dr Emma Mawdsley, Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge.

Chatham House discussants were:

Dr Gareth Price, Senior Research Fellow, and Professor Shaun Breslin, Asia Programme, and Professor Victor Bulmer-Thomas, Associate Fellow, Americas Programme.

Listen to the full discussion

Development & the State of the Debate in China, India & Brazil - IDS Rising Powers at Chatham House by Ids (Uk) on Mixcloud

Or if you have a specific country interest, you can fast forward to these sections of the recording:
• China (00:00 – 46:37)
• India (46:43 – 1:34:07)
• Brazil (1:34:09 – 2:25:26)

Access speaker PowerPoint slides

Download the evidence reports


Image credit: Emilie Wilson - IDS