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Interaction Institute for Social Change | Artist: Angus Maguire.

What do equity and equality have to do with food and nutrition?

24 Sep 2018
Equity and equality are important themes in food and nutrition, but existing literature has only partially addressed these issues. Jody Harris describes a paper that she co-authored with Nicholas Nisbett about equity in development studies research.

A slum in urban Sierra Leone

Urbanisation and the learning agenda for health systems research

By Annie Wilkinson
21 Sep 2018
With 55 per cent of the world’s population already living in urban areas, and rising, the implications of urbanisation for health are huge, as is the learning agenda for health systems research.

Photo of Peter O'Flynn, Research Officer, Rural Futures research cluster

Smallholder Data Collection: Challenges for Agribusinesses in Africa

By Peter O'Flynn
17 Sep 2018
In this blog, Peter O’Flynn discusses recent evidence on the barriers and incentives for collecting data on smallholders working with agribusiness, and summarises the key findings from case studies of smallholder supply chains in Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Open for business: what does investment look like on the ground?

By Ian Scoones
17 Sep 2018
As Zimbabwe dreams of investments, state efforts will be energised to seek them out. However there are lessons to be learned from eastern Africa as this blog post highlights.

Oxfam Governance Program Officer facilitating good governance discussion among CSOs, parliamentarians and government officials at regional level. Credit: Oxfam.

Trust and democratic change – reflections from Myanmar

By Araddhya Mehtta
10 Sep 2018
What lessons can be learnt from a governance programme in Ayeyarwady, Myanmar? Araddhya Mehta, Director of Advocacy and Communications at Oxfam in Myanmar. reflects on the complexity of building trust in a changing political context.

Is CRISPR the next big thing in international development?

By Patrick Schröder
07 Sep 2018
The gene editing technology CRISPR/cas9 has been creating a buzz in the biotech science world over the last few years and could, potentially, become a game changer for international development.

Portrait image of Duncan Green, Head of Research at Oxfam GB

Some exciting progress on Governance Diaries

04 Sep 2018
Duncan Green reflects on how the "Portfolios of the Poor" approach has been adapted into Governance Diaries, and why this works well when doing research with people living in fragile and conflict-affected areas

Sheep in field - PASTRES

IFAD and FAO commit to pastoral development

By Michele Nori, Linda Pappagallo
04 Sep 2018
In recent years the UN and other international agencies have placed pastoralism at the centre of their development agendas. Michele Nori and Linda Pappagallo talk about the recent IFAD and FAO commitment to pastoral development.

The China–Africa Relationship: Scope, Scale and Speed

By Jing Gu, Richard Carey
04 Sep 2018
With population set to double from 1.3bn today to 2.6bn by 2050, scaling and speeding up Africa’s infrastructure development across a wide frontier is critical to economic growth and sustainable development.

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Photo of Naomi Hossain, IDS Research Fellow

Elections in tight civic space

By Naomi Hossain
06 Aug 2018
Commentary on democracy, development and the elections in Pakistan, Cambodia, and Zimbabwe.

Image credit: Kate Holt/AusAID (CC BY 2.0)

Recipes for success?

By Dominic Glover
06 Aug 2018
Agricultural research and extension should find different means to engage with different ‘users’, in ways that are sensitive and attuned to the capabilities of individual farmers and communities. Dom Glover looks for the recipes for success in this blog post.

KENYA Nakuru. Houses burn as electricity wires spark and shortcut after clashes between the Kalenjin and Kikuyu communities in the residential area of Nakuru. Ethnic violence sparked last December following protests against disputed election results, after suspected vote rigging by Kikuyu President Mwai Kibaki.

Credit: Sven Torfinn / Panos

Using digital media for real-time violence monitoring and response

By Roudabeh Kishi, Patricia Justino, Gauthier Marchais
01 Aug 2018
New research highlights the potential opportunities, and practical limitations, of using digital technology to promote peace, monitor violence, and support early warning and crisis response.

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