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Santiago Ripoll

Whose problem? Fixing our food systems

By Santiago Ripoll
22 Jun 2017
You’ve heard it all before. Our food system is flawed, or more accurately, doomed. Santiago Ripoll argues that it is collective action not individual action that will fix our food system.

Upper Grenfell Tower 
Part of Grenfell Tower, after the tragic fire, as seen from near Notting Hill Methodist Church, London. June 16, 2017.
Credit: ChiralJon on Flickr

Globally, the fires of inequality rage on

By Jaideep Gupte
20 Jun 2017
The fire at Grenfell Tower in London brings home the deep inequalities and class struggle that underwrite the global housing crisis.

Photo of Jackie Shaw, Research Fellow in the Participation research cluster

Participatory video processes: building inclusive community-led change

By Jackie Shaw
20 Jun 2017
Whilst the use of participatory video (PV) has expanded across the development sector, care needs to be taken regards its context, ethics and application. A new IDS course explores the techniques and practice of using PV for inclusive, community-led change.

Photo of Carlos Fortin

Bilateral Investment Treaties: on the eve of a major reform?

By Carlos Fortin
20 Jun 2017
Ecuador recently announced the termination of all its bilateral investment treaties signed since 1968. It's the latest installment in the ongoing international controversy around such treaties and in particular their compensation clause for foreign investors.

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) logo

'Nothing about us without us!': the Philippines' approach to Zero Open Defecation

19 Jun 2017
Following the workshop which looked at how best to support the poorest and most vulnerable in sanitation at scale, the Ministry of Health and UNICEF facilitated a one-day workshop for Government and partners in the Philippines on the 29th May 2017.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Land dispute resolution in Zimbabwe

By Ian Scoones
19 Jun 2017
The reconfiguring of land use and ownership through land reform has generated a range of disputes. Having a transparent approach for dispute resolution is vital. This is a key task for the Zimbabwe Land Commission, as the third blog in the series argues.

Civilisation at the edge of nature: Mousuni Island in The Sundarbans

By Subir Dey
16 Jun 2017
Subir Dey reflects on his trip to the Moushuni Islands of Sundarbans, India, where he asks if the sinking islands reflect a new era of climate change.

Researcher and Consultant, Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Women's empowerment through nutrition programming in Guatemala

By Sally Smith
14 Jun 2017
How participatory action learning has been contributing to improved gender-sensitive programming in Guatemala.

IDS Research Fellow Seife Ayele

Bridging the research-policy gap: Africa’s youth employment challenge

By Seife Ayele
13 Jun 2017
Seife Ayele, co-editor of the latest IDS Bulletin on Africa's youth employment challenge, highlights the importance of bridging the research to policy gap and explains how an IDS and Mastercard initiative is helping

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) logo

Supporting the least able in sanitation improvement (part 2)

13 Jun 2017
Having worked with UNICEF on the post-Typhoon Haiyan sanitation & hygiene recovery strategy 2014-15, the UNICEF-IDS workshop enabled me to revisit typhoon-affected areas to see to what extent people had been able to rebuild their lives in the last two years.

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Photo of Becky Faith, Research Officer, Digital and Technology research cluster

Automation and the future of work; bringing women into the debate

By Becky Faith
17 May 2017
Becky Faith shares insights from the biggest Artificial Intelligence business conference on how businesses are viewing the digital economy - and its potential impact on all members of society.

Belt and Road Forum sign at bus stop

China’s Belt and Road Initiative – a game-changer, but which game?

By Melissa Leach
15 May 2017
Fresh from attending the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, IDS Director Melissa Leach considers how China's $900 billion initiative will change international development.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Women and land: challenges of empowerment

By Ian Scoones
15 May 2017
Rights to land for women have been enshrined in law in Zimbabwe, but the practice of law in reality often has not delivered women's empowerment and rights. This must change, but how?

Photo of Natalia Herbst

Shifting Paradigms of Sexuality Education in the Digital Era

By Natalia Herbst
12 May 2017
Natalia Herbst on the use of digital spaces for sexuality education in Latin America.

Sign to UK polling station

Why and how the next Government should ensure an outward-looking UK

By Melissa Leach
08 May 2017
Ahead of the UK General Election on 8 June, IDS Director Melissa Leach sets five ways to ensure that the UK continues to be an outward-looking and internationally-minded.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Agrarian political economy: reflecting on Sam Moyo’s contributions

By Ian Scoones
08 May 2017
Ian Scoones reflects on the important work of Sam Moyo, as a new special issue of Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy is published which brings together much of his work.

From freepik

Understanding trauma critical to effective humanitarian interventions

By Emma Soye
03 May 2017
There has been growing recognition over the last fifty years that conflict-related trauma is as much a cultural as a biological phenomenon, which must be treated as such by the medical and aid community alike.

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) logo

No More “Pity” in “Pit Emptying”!

03 May 2017
"I had reservations about pit emptying and always considered human shit as a potential environmental liability and after doing pit emptying myself; now my reservations and inhibitions are things of the past..." (T. Imsong after pit emptying in Raipur district)

Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability Centre logo

How rethinking local people’s agency could help navigate Xochimilco’s troubled waters

02 May 2017
Xochimilco, Mexico City is the last remnant of the complex lacustrine system of wetlands that was the basis for agriculture and livelihoods (the chinampa system) in pre-Columbian times.

Photo of Jodie Thorpe, Globalisation research fellow

Can “markets” include and benefit very marginalised people?

By Jodie Thorpe, Zenebe Uraguchi
02 May 2017
Can projects using a systemic approach (also known as market systems development) achieve inclusive changes for poor and disadvantaged women and men? Reare more on why market inclusion is not a panacea.

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