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How can the Sustainable Development Goals be transformative?

By Nathan Oxley
12 Jul 2018
Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals is being discussed by ministers at the High-Level Political Forum in New York. The SDGs aim to provoke deep and radical change, but how can they be really transformative?

Will fresh voices lead to better choices to help end AIDS?

By Christine Stegling
10 Jul 2018
Ahead of the IDS Annual Lecture with Professor Peter Piot, we hear from Christine Stegling, Executive Director of the International HIV/Aids Alliance on the need for honest discussions about what is and isn’t working to help end AIDS.

Learning the lessons of austerity

By Richard Jolly, Stephany Griffith-Jones
10 Jul 2018
A new deal has been agreed for Greece. The Greek Finance Minister, Euclid Tsakalotos (an IDS alumni), has said that he is ‘happy with the deal’ and that Greece ‘has turned a page’, but what does the new deal mean in reality for Greece?

Women in Kenya working as metal smiths. Credit: Kabai Ken - CC BY-SA 4.0

Africa’s youth employment challenge: what’s youth got to do with it?

By Stephen Hunt, Stacie Irwin, Philip Mader
09 Jul 2018
Africa has the youngest population in the world. By 2030, up to 30 million young Africans could be entering the labour market each year. Getting young people into jobs has risen to the top of national governments’ and many international donors’ priorties.

By Chris Smith [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Rethinking One Health

By Syed Shahid Abbas
04 Jul 2018
Ahead of World Zoonoses Day, Syed Abas reflects on the limited uptake of One Health where it matters most, and what we can do to make the term relevant.

Community participation illustration by Victoria Francis (CC BY-NC 2.0).

Participatory impact investing: concepts and definitions

By Peter O'Flynn, Grace Lyn Higdon
02 Jul 2018
How should community voice be incorporated into impact investing? And what practical applications can impact investors do today to start thinking about participatory ideas?

This is the NHS70 teaser image

NHS at 70: advancing health systems for all?

By Tom Barker
02 Jul 2018
IDS' Tom Barker reflects on the NHS’ past, present and future, and explains why platforms such as HSR2018 present important opportunities for us all to learn from one another.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Scarcity narratives: will Zimbabwe join the global land rush?

By Ian Scoones
02 Jul 2018
Ian Scoones urges us to think hard about the way land and its use is framed, and who gets included and excluded in the policy narratives around the post-elections rush for investment.
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Cape Point - Kyle Taylor

Do we over-emphasise the importance of youth aspirations?

07 Jun 2018
'Aspirations' have a central place in debates about Africa’s youth employment challenge. What factors influence their aspirations? Jim Sumberg explores this question and more in his blog post for Agricultural Policy and Research in Africa.

Credit: Anna Moran / Cumberland Lodge

Debating freedom of religion and belief at Cumberland Lodge

By Clement Arockiasamy
07 Jun 2018
IDS student Clement Arockiasamy shares his experience of participating in Cumberland Lodge’s Programme on 'Emerging international Leaders Programme on Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB)'.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Race and privilege in Zimbabwe: a rural and urban divide

By Ian Scoones
04 Jun 2018
Ian Scoones reviews a recent paper by Rory Pilossof and Jacob Boersema that offers a nuanced and differentiated account of 'white' attitudes to land reform.

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