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Akshay Khanna - Research Fellow



Richard Douglass

Akshay Khanna no longer works for IDS. Previously he worked on the intersections of anthropology, activism and development praxis and is a founder member of Prism, a Delhi-based queer activist collective, and has worked as a human rights lawyer, focusing on issues arising out of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and contributed to drafting the law against domestic violence in India.

Akshay's research focuses on law and epidemiology as two arenas where queer activists in India make claims to recognition and justice. Over the years Akshay has worked as a consultant to various development actors in issues ranging from sexuality, gender, health care practices, intellectual property law, reproductive technologies and human rights.

The Sexuality and Development project is one of the workstreams of the Gender, Power and Sexuality (GPS) Programme, funded by Sida.

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IDS publications on international development research

Putting the Law in its Place: Analyses of recent developments in law relating to same-sex desire in India and Uganda

This collection of essays has been jointly produced by Sexuality Policy Watch and the IDS Sexuality and Development Programme. More details

The Changing Faces of Citizen Action: A Mapping Study through an ‘Unruly’ Lens

IDS Working Paper 423 (2013)

This working paper develops an approach based on thinking at the IDS about ‘Unruly Politics’, a framework that offers new ways to understand and engage politics and political action. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Citizenship; Gender; Globalisation; Health; HIV; Migration; Participatory methodologies; Politics and Power; Unruly Politics; Sexuality.

Related Programmes and Centres:
Gender Power and Sexuality; Sexuality and Development Programme.

Geographic Expertise:
Central and South Asia; India; United Kingdom.