Dr. Caitriona Dowd, Research Fellow in Conflict and Violence cluster at IDS.

Caitriona Dowd - Research Fellow

Conflict and Violence; Governance
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Dr. Caitriona Dowd is Research Fellow in Conflict and Violence cluster at IDS, specialising in the politics of violent conflict and sub-national governance in sub-Saharan Africa. Caitriona's research expertise includes Islamist and identity-based conflicts, inequality and violence, the geography and diffusion of violence, and the application of quantitative methods for conflict analysis.

Prior to joining IDS, Caitriona's PhD research focused on Islamist and identity-based violence; civilian vulnerability to conflict; and processes and practices of marginalisation, inequality, and differential governance. Employing a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, her ongoing research focuses on analysing patterns of inter-group conflict, mobilisation, and relations in comparative contexts, in both cross-national and country-focused cases including Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, and Somalia. Her work has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, including African Affairs, The Journal of Modern African Studies, and Political Geography.

Caitriona previously worked as Senior Researcher with the Armed Conflict Location & Event Dataset (ACLED), and in the humanitarian and development sectors in East, West and Southern Africa. She is currently involved in projects on conflict and violence mitigation in Africa.

This project supports and facilitates high-quality research, exchange of ideas, relationship-building and networking among the scholarly and practitioner community working in countering violent extremism (CVE) in Kenya. The CVE Research Hub will serve as a centre of excellence in research on policy, practice and theory in Kenya

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The project will produce a robust evidence base on the opportunities and limitations of social media data on violence reporting to inform UK emergency and crisis response, in the context of violence monitoring in Kenya.

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This is the front cover to IDS Policy Briefing 144, 'Using Digital and Social Media
to Monitor and Reduce Violence in Kenya’s Elections'.

Using Digital and Social Media to Monitor and Reduce Violence in Kenya’s Elections

IDS Policy Briefing 144 (2017)

Social media and digital technology offer immense potential for citizens, policymakers and practitioners to raise awareness of, monitor, and respond to violence. With Kenya’s elections approaching, technology can help to raise awareness of insecurity, support early warning, combat incitement of violence and promote accountability. More details


Innovative Methods for Research on Social and Political Action in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings

IDS Working Paper 487 (2017)

Fragile and conflict-affected settings present particular challenges for researchers seeking to study the effect of social and political action (SPA). These challenges are not simply due to prevalent violence and conflict, but contexts of insecurity can restrict the flow of information, key actors can be hard to identify, and if information can be found, vital pieces of the picture may be missing. More details


How Does Work Feature in Literature on Youth Participation in Violence?

IDS Working Paper 485 (2017)

This paper explores the evidence available on the role of work in youth participation in violence, through a study of recent research and evidence in this field. More details


Violence and Violence Reduction Efforts in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Ivory Coast: Insights and Lessons towards Achieving SDG 16

IDS Evidence Report 210 (2016)

This report develops evidence-based insights into contextual dimensions of violence and practices on reducing violence, from multiple perspectives and at multiple levels of governance. More details

Non-IDS publication

Fragmentation, conflict, and competition: Islamist anti-civilian violence in sub-Saharan Africa

Terrorism and Political Violence (2016)

This journal article seeks to explain the variation of patterns of anti-civilian violence across and within violent Islamist groups operating in sub-Saharan Africa. More details

What's trending in work on governance and conflict?

04 Apr 2017
By Robin Luckham, Caitriona Dowd, Gauthier Marchais

Thematic Expertise:
Building Inclusive Secure Societies; Conflict Violence and Security; Governance; Collective Action; State Capacity; Politics and Power; Reducing Inequalities.

Related Programmes and Centres:
Action for Empowerment and Accountability.

Geographic Expertise:
Sub Saharan Africa; Kenya; Mali; Nigeria; Somalia.