Photo of Freida M'Cormack

Freida M'Cormack - PhD student

Conflict and Violence; PhD students


Freida's DPhil research focuses on the movement and settlement motivations of regional combatants in West Africa, and the implications of this on regional security and peacebuilding. This includes Liberians who fought in Sierra Leone and Côte d'Ivoire, and Sierra Leonean fighters in Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire, who are the foci of her study. Freida has worked in Liberia and Sierra Leone on various post-conflict reintegration projects.

Freida also works in the Knowledge Services department of IDS, which promotes the use of sound research in policymaking, and the sharing of information from diverse perspectives.

Her research interests and thematic expertise are in conflict, post-conflict peacebuilding, regionalism, youth empowerment, and communication for development.

This is the image for IDS Research Report 70, 'Becoming and Remaining a ‘Force for Good’: Reforming the Police in Post-conflict Sierra Leone'.

Becoming and Remaining a 'Force for Good': Reforming the Police in Post-conflict Sierra Leone

IDS Research Report 70 (2011)

The Sierra Leone Police Force has its origins in the British colonial administration of the country. After Independence and with the consolidation of one-party rule the force slid into disrepute. More details

IDS Research Summary

Becoming and Remaining a ‘Force for Good’ Reforming the Police in Post-conflict Sierra Leone

IDS Research Summary of IDS Research Report 70 (2011)

Officers of the Sierra Leone police force once drew respect from the public and fear from offenders but were reduced to shabbily-dressed men and women who drew only scorn and mistrust from the community. More details

Front cover of the publication covering highlights of the January 2011 seminar on "Sustainable Livelihoods Approaches: past present and...future?"

Sustainable Livelihoods Approaches: Past, present and...future?

This Sustainable Livelihoods Highlights Brief looks at a series of six seminars, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council from 2008-11, which brought together practitioners, policymakers and researchers to reflect on the development and adaptation of SLAs, and debate their value in addressing current development challenges. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Governance; Politics and Power.

Related Programmes and Centres:
Addressing and Mitigating Violence.

Geographic Expertise:
Liberia; Sierra Leone.