John Brownlee is the Partnership and Capacity Development Senior Convenor at the British Library for Development Studies

John Brownlee - Honorary Associate

Digital and Technology; Honorary Associates
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John Brownlee is an international development professional with 17 years’ experience managing development projects on civil society strengthening, governance, political participation, poverty reduction, and strengthening evidence use in development policy and practice.

Most recently, his work at the Institute of Development Studies focused on improving evidence use in development policy and practice globally and locally in southern Africa, South Asia, and Latin America.

Previously, John was 10 years in Indonesia working with local and national level civil society organizations and government bodies on a range of issues including local governance, religion and politics, humanitarian response, and gender. John’s academic background is in political science and history, focussing on issues of religion, identity, and politics, and is the recipient of Fulbright and Fulbright-Hayes research awards.

GODAN Action brings together agriculture and nutrition specialists and open data experts and will support GODAN in its mission by building people’s capacity to engage with open data

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Four year initiative that will seek to maximise the impact of research funded by the ESRC DFID Strategic Partnership.

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The Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) identifies and supports innovations that have the potential to create social impact in education, health and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) across Tanzania.

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POSHAN is a 4-year initiative which aims to build evidence on effective actions for nutrition and support the use of evidence in decision-making. It is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and led by IFPRI in India.

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The Future of Knowledge Sharing in a Digital Age: Exploring Impacts and Policy Implications for Development

IDS Evidence Report 125 (2015)

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Knowledge Sharing and Development in a Digital Age

IDS Policy Briefing 87 (2015)

Digital technologies are reaching ever further into remote parts of the world, changing how people access, use, and create information and knowledge. More details