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Lizbeth Navas-Aleman - Honorary Associate

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Lizbeth is an IDS Honorary Associate.

A socio-economist with extensive experience in the field of international development. Lizbeth carries out academic research, training and consultancy on private sector development, industrial organisation and innovation in Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Clients include the Inter-American Development Bank, ILO, Ford Foundation, UNIDO, UNDP, ITC, UNCTAD and government agencies in developing countries. Academic contributions involved advancing measurement tools for governance and upgrading attainment of developing country firms and clusters operating in global and national value chains; highlighting the role of domestic markets in the acquisition of higher value-added capabilities (marketing and branding); proposing 'multichain' strategies for increased competitiveness and analysing ways to enhance the impact of donor-led value chain programmes on poverty alleviation.

Currently undertaking research on the financial and innovation processes needed to upgrade developing countries' position in value chains. These projects focus on light manufacturing in China as well as natural resource based and IT industries in Latin America. Teaching and training both postgraduate students and development practitioners.

The next World Social Science Report due to be published in 2016 will focus on the critical contemporary issues of inequalities and justice.

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A comparative study of the acquisition of branding capabilities in domestic and global value chains.

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This review examined a range of donor initiatives that adopted a value chain aproach as part of their policy package for promoting the growth of small and medium enterprises.

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An analysis of whether firms in the Southern Brazilian clusters of the Sinos Valley (footwear) and the Serra Gaucha (furniture) show different patterns of industrial upgrading according to the global and national value chains they feed into.

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While the debate on industrial clusters and local innovation systems was mainly concerned with local linkages, this work examined global linkages and how they affected local relationships.

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IDS Research Report

Value Chains, Donor Interventions and Poverty Reduction: A Review of Donor Practice

IDS Research Report 63 (2010)

Value chain interventions are increasingly popular amongst donors aiming to promote market-oriented growth and poverty reduction. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Local Implementation of Quality, Labour and Environmental Standards: Opportunities for Upgrading in the Footwear Industry

SEED Working Paper Series on Upgrading in Small Enterprise Clusters and Global Value Chain 45 (2003)
IDS Research Summary

Multinational Value Chains, Small and Medium Enterprises, and ‘Pro-Poor’ Policies: A Review of Donor Practice

IDS Research Summary of IDS Research Report 63 (2009)

Many donors, governments and private companies now use value chain approaches in their efforts to promote market-oriented growth and poverty reduction. More details

Maduro’s new Constitution: more authoritarianism for Venezuela

24 May 2017
By Maria Aguado Álvarez de Sotomayor, Lizbeth Navas-Aleman

Thematic Expertise:
BRICS and Rising Powers; Innovation and Value Chains; Globalisation.

Related Programmes and Centres:
Business and Development Centre; Policy Anticipation Response and Evaluation; Rising Powers in International Development.

Geographic Expertise:
Latin America and the Caribbean; Brazil; China; Costa Rica; El Salvador.