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Martina Ulrichs -


Martina Ulrichs is a political scientist with an MA in Poverty and Development from the Institute of Development Studies, graduating in 2011. As an independent consultant she has worked for organisations such as GIZ, UNFPA, Irish Aid and DfID on multidisciplinary research projects on sustainable livelihoods, social protection and climate change adaptation.

This has included developing participatory methodologies to analyse vulnerability to climate change for different contexts. She has also done research on the synergies between different development sectors, such as health, social protection, education and agriculture with a view towards promoting systemic approaches. Ulrichs is a native speaker of Spanish and German, and fluent in English and has conducted field work in Latin America and East Africa.  

Research Report entitled Cash Plus - Integrated Nutrition and Social Cash Transfer (IN-SCT) Pilot in Ethiopia: Perceptions and Feedback from clients and service providers

Cash 'Plus' - Integrated Nutrition and Social Cash Transfer (IN-SCT) Pilot in Ethiopia: Perceptions and Feedback from Clients and Service Providers

The Integrated Nutrition Social Cash Transfer (IN-SCT) pilot project is embedded within phase 4 of Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme phase 4 (PSNP4), and is being implemented in four PSNP woredas, two in Oromia region and two in SNNPR. u More details


The Future of Social Protection – Where Next?

IDS Policy Briefing 106 (2015)

Social protection is one of the success stories of development policy in the early twenty-first century, leading to questions about its future direction. More details


Where Next for Social Protection?

IDS Evidence Report 124 (2015)

The rapid ascendancy of social protection up the development policy agenda in the past ten to 15 years raises questions about whether its current prominence will be sustained, or whether it will turn out to be just another development fad that declines and ultimately disappears. More details

ER100 Front Cover

Non-Communicable Disease and Development: Future Pathways

IDS Evidence Report 100 (2014)

From a biomedical perspective, non-communicable disease (NCD) is not a new problem, particularly in the global North. However, awareness of the increasing burden from these conditions in low- and middle-income countries (L&MICs) has only recently emerged in the arena of development policy and practice (Beaglehole et al. 2011). More details