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Mick Moore - Professorial Fellow

Governance; Business, Markets and the State
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Camilla Walsh

Professor Mick Moore is a political economist. He has done extensive field research in Asia and Africa, especially Sri Lanka, Taiwan and India. He has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His broad research interests are in the domestic and international dimensions of good and bad governance in poor countries. He focuses specifically on taxation and governance, and is the founding Chief Executive Officer of the International Centre for Tax and Development.

This 5 year research consortium aims to build a stronger evidence base for those seeking to develop more effective and legitimate institutions that deliver improved outcomes for poor people.

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The aim of the Rapid Response Briefings (RRB) series is to support governments and development agencies in responding quickly to rapidly emerging phenomena and unexpected global events and understanding the impact they may have on development policy, practice and outcomes.

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IDS publications on international development research

Revenue Reform and Statebuilding in Anglophone Africa

World Development 60.8 (2014)

Although increasingly justified in terms of statebuilding, recent tax reforms in anglophone Africa contributed only modestly to that goal. They have produced impressive tax agencies, but no detectable increases in revenue collections. They have not addressed some major deficiencies in tax policy and administration. More details

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Tax Revenue Mobilistation In Developing Countries: Issues and Challenges

Governments in developing countries face great challenges in mobilising tax revenues, which result in a gap between what they could collect and what they actually collect. Tax gaps are hard to quantify for reasons that are discussed in the report More details

Will Changes to the international Tax System Benefit Low-income Countries?

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 6 (2014)

In recent months tax has climbed up the political agenda in ways that would have been unthinkable only a couple of years ago. More details

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Obstacles to Increasing Tax Revenues in Low Income Countries

This paper is focused on the question: why do the governments of low income countries not raise more tax revenues? Two different but complementary approaches are used to answer it. More details

Revenue Reform and Statebuilding in Anglophone Africa

IDS Working Paper 428 (2013)

Within the development field, tax administration reform is an area of relative success. Over the past two decades, the national revenue systems of most countries in anglophone Africa have undergone major reforms. More details