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Peter P. Houtzager - Research Fellow



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Dr Peter Houtzager received his PhD in political science from the University of California, Berkeley, and has been a fellow at IDS since 1999. He is a political scientist with broad training in comparative politics and historical-institutional analysis.

Areas of specialisation include: urban governance; citizen-state relations; varieties of civil society and democratisation processes; social network analysis and multi-methods research; social movement theory, and political development in Latin America.

Evidence and Lessons from Latin America' (ELLA) is a knowledge sharing and learning programme, that seeks to improve knowledge of Latin America's development among African and Asian policymakers, practitioners and researchers - on selected economic, environmental and governance issues.

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This is the front cover to IDS Working Paper 475, 'Civil Society Innovation and Resilience in the Struggle for the Right to Food in India'.

Civil Society Innovation and Resilience in the Struggle for the Right to Food in India

IDS Working Paper 475 (2016)

India’s national network of social justice activists and civil society organisations helped achieve legal recognition for the Right to Food in the early 2000’s and are engaged in an ongoing struggle to implement the right to food in practice. More details


Social Accountability in Big Cities: Strategies and Institutions in Delhi and São Paulo

IDS Working Paper 471 (2016)

There are signs that public services can improve in big cities when the urban poor hold providers directly accountable – what we now call social accountability. We do not know, however, to what extent the urban poor, through their civil society groups, engage in forms of social accountability nor what strategies they use. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Accountability; Citizenship; Governance; Collective Action; Politics and Power; Rights; Social Protection.

Geographic Expertise:
Latin America and the Caribbean.