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Polly Haste - Research Officer

Polly Haste no longer works at IDS.

Polly Haste completed her post-graduate training at the department of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. She completed two MAs and her PhD and went on to work as a post-doctoral researcher in the department of Education. Her research has focused on gender and sexuality, with a particular emphasis on youth, youth cultures and education.

She has over 15 years working in the education sector in the UK and Rwanda. She is an experienced practitioner and trainer as well as working with multi-disciplinary teams to conduct quantitative and qualitative research with young people and education providers. Particular areas of expertise include: the development of programmes to support vulnerable youth; approaches to and methods for delivering Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights initiatives; participatory qualitative research, including multimedia research. She has published on barriers to participation in education, alternative approaches to sex education in schools and the development of civil society activism around LGBTI rights in Rwanda.

Currently, she works on the Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme where she is responsible for the Sexuality and Social Justice Toolkit and liaising with a network of international partners and researchers.


Avenues for Donors to Promote Sexuality and Gender Justice

IDS Policy Briefing 120 (2016)

Donor agencies agree that addressing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity (SOGI) is not only an important human rights issue but is also integral to efforts to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development. More details

Front Cover_What’s law got to do with it?

Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice: What's Law Got to Do with It?

Edited Collection (2016)

The contributions to this Edited Collection reveal the complexity of the deceptively simple question posed by its title: Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice: What’s Law Got to Do With It? More details


Sexuality and Social Justice: What’s Law Got to Do with It? International Symposium Workshop Report

IDS Evidence Report 145 (2015)

In March 2015, the Sexuality, Poverty and Law programme at the Institute of Development Studies brought together over 60 activists, lawyers, researchers and international advocates to critically assess the scope of law and legal activism for achieving social justice for those marginalised because of their sexual or gender non-conformity. More details


Sexuality, Poverty and Politics in Rwanda

IDS Evidence Report 131 (2015)

Recent legislative developments in Africa have focused international attention on the legal status of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the continent. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Sexuality and Social Justice: A Toolkit

This free interactive toolkit documents the learning from the Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme at the Institute for Development Studies. More details

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