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This is the cover for the book, 'Feminists in Development Organizations: Change from the Margins'.

Feminists in Development Organizations: Change from the Margins

This book is aimed at staff of development organizations - who want their organizations to become an instrument in helping transforming the lives of women – and at students and researchers concerned with the politics of gender mainstreaming. More details

IDS Policy Briefing 36: 'Building Relationships in Development Cooperation: Traditional Donors and the Rising Powers'

Building Relationships in Development Cooperation: Traditional Donors and the Rising Powers

IDS Policy Briefing 36 (2013)

Staff working in development agencies from traditional donor countries in the North need to be aware of the ways in which their actions are understood by their counterparts in the rising powers. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Uncovering the Politics of 'Evidence' and 'Results'. A Framing Paper for Development Practitioners

Hard evidence, rigorous data, tangible results, value for money – all are tantalising terms promising clarity for the international development sector. Yet, behind these terms lie definitional tussles, vested interests and contested world views that this background paper to the Politics of Evidence Conference aims to make explicit and question. The aim is to encourage development practitioners to strategize in expanding the politico-bureaucratic space to make room for flexible and creative support of locally-generated and transformative change. More details

This is the image for an In Focus Policy Briefing.

Getting Unpaid Care onto Development Agendas

IDS In Focus Policy Briefing 31 (2013)

There is a large and robust literature on the quantity and importance of unpaid care work. Members of the IAFFE (International Association for Feminist Economics) have produced a substantial, highly credible body of evidence to the highest of standards. More details

Non-IDS publication

Emerging and Submerging Powers: Imagined Geographies in the New Development Partnership at the Busan Fourth High Level Forum

The Journal of Development Studies 49.4 (2012)

The geopolitics of development is in a state of uncertainty and transition that the Busan High Level Forum both mirrored and contributed to. Busan established a new discourse of international development cooperation in which the old donor-recipient relationship is replaced by an equator-less landscape of a multi-stakeholder global partnership. More details