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Roz Price - Research Officer

Roz joined IDS in 2017. She is a researcher with an interest in climate change issues, especially around climate finance, climate-resilient development and water resources. She works for the K4D, supporting learning and the use of evidence to improve the impact of development policy and programmes for DFID. She also works for the GSDRC on governance, humanitarian response and conflict issues, providing support to DFAT and EC advisors.

As part of the K4D team, she helps time-pressured decision-makers working in development better understand, interpret and apply evidence, providing rapid reviews of available evidence. Previous subjects include climate change and stability, youth employment, clean energy and climate change and gender.

Roz previously worked as a researcher for the Commonwealth Secretariat on climate finance issues, disaster preparation and response, and climate resilience. She has worked for both research institutes and intergovernmental organisations and has also done research on climate risk profiling, environmental change and energy policy. She has worked in the field of climate change and international development for the last 6 years and has worked in Kenya, Kiribati, Samoa and Solomon Islands. She has a MSc in Climate Change and Policy from the University of Sussex.

A five-year DFID-funded Evidence and Knowledge for Development (K4D) programme consortium led by IDS.

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GSDRC provide high quality, timely knowledge products to support international development planning, policymaking and other activities area. This includes a document library, a research helpdesk and email bulletins

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Thematic Expertise:
Climate Change; Energy; Environment; Poverty; Water and Sanitation.