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Samantha Reddin - Communications Manager for Transform Nutrition

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Supporting Policies, Programmes and Enabling Action through Research (SPEAR) is a Flagship Programme (FP4) within the Agriculture for Nutrition and Health Program. The main objective of SPEAR is to understand and enhance agriculture’s contribution to improving nutrition at scale.

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Stories of Change in Nutrition are a series of structured case studies in 6 countries: Bangladesh, Nepal, Odisha (India), Ethiopia, Senegal and Zambia. These ‘stories’ aim to improve our understanding of what drives impact in reducing undernutrition, and how enabling environments and pro-nutrition policy and implementation processes can be cultivated and sustained. This work is funded by CIFF and DFID through Transform Nutrition.

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To achieve its aim of reducing malnutrition in the countries with the highest burden, the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement is supporting the creation of multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs) in multiple SUN member countries. The overall objective of this work is to identify and document information on the institutional configurations for MSPs that are most appropriate for achieving national goals on nutrition in different contexts, and develop tools and resources to disseminate best practices for designing MSPs.

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Stories of change in nutrition

30 Jun 2016
By Samantha Reddin

Nominations invited for Nutrition Champions 2015

14 Jul 2015
By Samantha Reddin

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