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Stephen Whitfield - DPhil Student


Ian Scoones

Thesis: Weighting Up the Risks: An Assessment of the ‘Water Efficient Maize’ Pathway in Kenyan Climate Change Adaptation 

My PhD research focuses on the construction of a particular ’pro-poor’ climate change adaptation pathway in Kenya. It is a multi-sited research project that looks at how alternative knowledges, both from within and outside of Kenya, including those of the climate scientist, biotechnology regulators, and smallholder farmers, are framing and driving a technology-centred approach to adaptation to an agricultural future that is climatically, as well as socially and economically, uncertain.

The research is supervised by Professor Ian Scoones and is funded through the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council.

IDS publications on international development research

Under What Circumstances and Conditions Does Adoption of Technology Result in Increased Agricultural Productivity? A Systematic Review

New technology that enables sustainable and profitable production of food and fibre is critical for both food security and economic development. Whether framed in terms of modernisation, productivity enhancement, poverty reduction, social protection, environmental protection or adaptation to climate change, technical change is at the heart of most agricultural policy, programmes and projects. From More details

IDS publications on international development research

Evidence-based Agricultural Policy in Africa: Critical Reflection on an Emergent Discourse

Outlook on Agriculture 41.4 (2013)

This paper looks at the challenges of using agricultural statistics as an evidence base for agricultural policy making in Africa. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Participatory Environmental Assessment in Drylands: Introducing a New Approach

Journal of Arid Environments 77 (2011)

A recent wave of participatory and ‘integrated local and scientific knowledge’ methodologies have been conceived, trialled and published in an attempt to offer solutions to the challenges of conducting dryland environmental assessment from a socio-ecological perspective. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Discourses of Power: The Development of Small Scale Hydropower in North East Scotland

Rural Society 21.1 (2011)

This paper reviews the range of discourses associated with the emergent policies and practices associated with the development of micro hydropower in north East Scotland. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Managing Peatland Ecosystem Services: Current UK Policy and Future Challenges in a Changing World

Scottish Geographical Journal 127.3 (2011)

Sustainable peatland management has recently risen up the UK political agenda as links between peatland ecosystem services and key political priorities, such as rural livelihoods, agricultural production, biodiversity conservation, and carbon emissions, have become established More details