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Stephen Wood - Research Officer

Gender and Sexuality
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Stephen Wood is a Research Officer in the Gender and Sexuality cluster.

Stephen’s current research focus centres around how sexual and gender minorities experience poverty. He is working with a number of key partners to examine how poverty reduction and livelihood policies might benefit from a focus on sexuality that scrutinises their effectiveness and reach amongst marginalised communities. In particular, he is interested in how this experience is gendered and the intersectional discrimination experienced by lesbian, bisexual women and trans people.

He is interested in how participatory action research methodologies can play a role in giving voice to LGBT individuals and some of the methodological difficulties in conducting research with these often hidden or criminalised communities. He is examining the wider use of digital and online platforms for sexual minorities to build community structures, share information and access livelihoods safely.

He also examines the evolving strategies of engagement between southern lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movements and northern LGBT NGOs, as well as the evolving role of aid donors in promoting equality.

An empowerment and accountability programme aimed at improving the quality of health and education services in Mozambique.

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The Sexuality and Development project is one of the workstreams of the Gender, Power and Sexuality (GPS) Programme, funded by Sida.

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VAWG Legislation - Helpdesk Research Report

The purpose of this VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) Helpdesk paper is to provide a brief overview of what types of legislative reform are most effective in protecting women and girls from VAWG. More details


Reframing Gender Justice in an Unequal, Volatile World: IDS’ Directions for Future Research on Gender and Sexuality in Development

At a time of major changes in global politics and trends, and major shifts in international development following the establishment of the global Sustainable Development Goals in Agenda 2030, the Gender and Sexuality cluster at the Institute of Development Studies engaged in collaborative discussions and consultations over nine months with partner organisations, networks, external experts and policymakers. More details


Reframing Gender Justice in an Unequal, Volatile World: IDS’ Directions for Future Research on Gender and Sexuality in Development

We here aim to outline priority directions for future research on gender and sexuality in development, which are needed to advance our understanding of gender and sexuality in an increasingly unequal, polarised and volatile world. More details

Non-IDS publication

Gender, sexuality and disadvantage: intimately entwined, but perpetually divorced within international development?

Development Bulletin 77 (2016)

This paper begins with a brief overview of research undertaken by the authors and sexual health and rights practitioners in a Southeast Asian country examining the intersections of gender, sexuality, disadvantage, and how that plays out in reality for practitioners. More details

IDS Policy Briefing 118 Front Cover

Migration, Mobility and Marginalisation: Consequences for Sexual and Gender Minorities

IDS Policy Briefing 118 (2016)

As a strategy to avoid discrimination, violence and economic marginalisation, sexual and gender non-conforming people often turn to migration as a route to achieve independence and build social capital. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Citizenship; Digital technologies and ICTs; Gender; HIV; Poverty; Reducing Inequalities; Sexuality; Work and Labour.

Related Programmes and Centres:
Gender Power and Sexuality; Sexuality Poverty and Law; Sexuality and Development Programme.

Geographic Expertise:
Brazil; Ethiopia; Germany; Philippines; Uganda; United Kingdom.