Institute of Development Studies awarded highest rating for funding transparency

28 June 2016

Transparify has awarded the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) the highest possible rating for transparency around sources of funding in their report, How Transparent are Think Tanks about Who Funds Them 2016?

The five star rating is based on the extent to which an organisation publicly discloses through their website and other public documents such as annual reports where their funding comes from. IDS currently publishes a list of all funders over $5,000, as well as details of its funding ethics policy which underpins its position as a financially and constitutionally independent institution.

IDS Director of Communications and Impact James Georgalakis said:

“Transparency and accountability are core to IDS, both in terms of what we work on and how we work. So we are delighted to have received this award from Transparify. We are committed to an approach to ethical fundraising that is transparent in its delivery, stands up to independent scrutiny and goes well beyond making public who funds us and by how much.”

Dr Hans Gutbrod, Executive Director of Transparify said:

"International development experts have long recognised that transparency and accountability are key to creating a world free from poverty and injustice. By fully disclosing its own sources of funding, IDS has shown that it regards transparency and accountability as core values to live by, and is committed to leading by example. IDS has raised the bar for all other development actors in the UK and beyond by becoming a role model for financial transparency."