BRICS Economic Engagement Footprint Study

The first phase of the research looked at the nature of economic relations between the BRICS and Africa, in order to quantify the development footprint, focusing on various elements such as trade, investment. finance, overseas development aid and migration.

Recent work on this includes:  

The current phase aims to look at development finance and the role of BRICS development banks.

Recent work includes:

Key contact

Stephen Spratt, IDS Research Fellow

T: +44 (0)1273 915799


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What is the Economic Engagement Footprint of Rising Powers in Africa?

In 'The Economic Engagement Footprint of Rising Powers in sub-Saharan Africa: Trade, FDI and Aid Flows' (2013)
Cirera, X.

What Next for the BRICS Bank?

IDS Rapid Response Briefing 3 (2013)
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