Ebola: Lessons for development

This is an initiative in which it is hoped the development community can start to ask itself deep and serious questions about how the current development model has contributed to shaping the magnitude of today’s crisis – and, importantly, point to what needs to change to realise a more resilient global future.

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The initiative will be launched at a high-level meeting of key policymakers, NGOs and researchers involved in the Ebola crisis. In a set of nine briefing papers launching the initiative, IDS researchers argue that there is an urgent need to look beyond the immediate, on-the-ground concerns of disease control and containment to consider the bigger and broader questions about international development.

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Ebola and Lessons for Development

IDS Practice Paper in Brief 16 (2015)
Huff, A.R.

Global Governance and the Limits of Health Security

IDS Practice Paper in Brief 17 (2015)
Elbe, S. and Roemer-Mahler, A.

Strengthening Health Systems for Resilience

IDS Practice Paper in Brief 18 (2015)
Bloom, G., MacGregor, H., McKenzie, A. and Sokpo, E.

Ebola, Politics and Ecology: Beyond the ‘Outbreak Narrative’

IDS Practice Paper in Brief 20 (2015)
Huff, A.R. and Winnebah, T.

Ebola and Extractive Industry

IDS Practice Paper in Brief 21 (2015)
Allouche, J.

Urbanisation, the Peri-urban Growth and Zoonotic Disease

IDS Practice Paper in Brief 22 (2015)
Waldman, L.

The Pathology of Inequality: Gender and Ebola in West Africa

IDS Practice Paper in Brief 23 (2015)
Diggins, J. and Mills, E.

Local Engagement in Ebola Outbreaks and Beyond in Sierra Leone

Practice Paper in Brief 24 (2015)
Oosterhoff, P. and Wilkinson, A.

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February 2015 - February 2018
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Conflict, Violence and Security
Politics and Power