Millennium Villages in Northern Ghana Impact Evaluation

The Millennium Villages in Northern Ghana Impact Evaluation is an independent evaluation which is being conducted over and above the Millennium Village project's own monitoring and evaluation.

The assessment of impact will be conducted using the difference-in-difference approach (DD) by comparing the change in outcomes between MV project areas and areas not covered by the project. The evaluation will include extended survey components and non-survey monitoring, around the Millennium Village site itself and in selected comparison sites. It has been designed to continue for 5 years beyond the period of direct intervention by the Millennium Village project, to assess the sustainability of the impacts achieved.

The intention is for the evaluation to provide evidence around the impact, sustainability, cost effectiveness and spillover effects (positive or negative) of the Millennium Villages model, helping to inform rural poverty reduction interventions internationally.

The evaluation is being carried out in partnership by:

The impact evaluation has been commissioned and funded by the Department for International Development, UK.

For more information, contact Chris Barnett.

Peer Review Group

The Peer Review Group is being coordinated by the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) and includes:

Internal reviewers:

  • Thomas de Hoop, Evaluation Officer, 3ie
  • Annette Brown, Deputy Director, 3ie
  • Howard White, Executive Director, 3ie

External reviewers:

  • Chris Udry, Professor of Economics, Yale University
  • Robert Osei, University of Ghana

Initial Design Document and Peer Review Assessment

  1. Impact Evaluation of a New Millennium Village in Northern Ghana Initial Design Document
  2. Impact Evaluation of a new Millennium Villages Project in Northern Ghana - Overall Assessment


Key contacts

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