SMEs, Multinational Value Chains and 'Pro-poor' Policies Review

The purpose of this review is to critically examine a range of donor initiatives that have adopted a value chain approach as part of their policy package for promoting the growth of small and medium enterprises (or in some cases, such as USAID, micro and small enterprises). Specifically, the purpose of the review is to provide an assessment of current strategies that will enable engagement with donors and other interested partners about knowledge gaps, the viability of different types of donor intervention and the key challenges for linking Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development to poverty reduction.

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Value Chains, Donor Interventions and Poverty Reduction: A Review of Donor Practice

IDS Research Report 63 (2010)
Humphrey, J. and Navas-Alemán, L.
Project Dates:
September 2006 - May 2008
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Total project value:
$ 200,000
Ford Foundation
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Innovation and value chains