Addressing and Mitigating Violence: Uptake Strategy, Year Four Update

Collodi, J. and Lind, J.
IDS Evidence Report 186
Publisher IDS
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The overarching purpose of the Addressing and Mitigating Violence (AMV) theme is to generate useful analysis to tackle policy dilemmas relating to ‘newer’ forms of violence and organised crime. Such a focus is becoming increasingly pertinent following the complex crises that have emerged, particularly in the Middle East, and which are dominating global foreign policy.

Year four of the AMV programme showcased and built on the following sub-themes: strengthening core state functions and citizen agencies to mitigate and prevent routine forms of violence as well as organised violence and crime; improving access to livelihoods, jobs and basic services in violent contexts, including in large urban settings; and external stresses and violence mitigation in fragile contexts.

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