Improving Social Protection's Response to Child Poverty and Vulnerability in Nepal - Report

Roelen, K., Karki Chettri, H., Pun, B., Rayamajhi, S., Dangal, H. and Sjöblom, D.
Save the Children Report
Publisher Save the Children
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Social protection in Nepal has rapidly expanded to become part and parcel of the response to poverty and vulnerability. It is also considered a key policy option for addressing issues of child poverty and deprivation. Evidence that social protection interventions, depending on their design, implementation and delivery, lead to positive impacts on child outcomes such nutrition, health, education and child labour is rapidly expanding.

Social protection has the potential to break intergenerational transmission of poverty and create long-term economic benefits. This report aims to assess to what extent social protection in Nepal addresses child poverty and vulnerability and can be considered to be 'child-sensitive', and how it can be strengthened to further improve children's lives.

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