Making the Most of Resilience

Béné, C., Newsham, A., and Davies, M.
IDS In Focus Policy Briefing 32
Editor Azgad, Y. and Gorman, C.
Publisher IDS
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Resilience is becoming a hot topic. The increasing interest it is attracting in the development community offers an opportunity for designing and implementing more effective forms of intervention. Specifically, a variety of actors are proposing resilience as a framework for fostering deeper integration between humanitarian and longer-term development interventions. However, putting it into practice is not necessarily an easy task and many challenges lie ahead.

In this briefing we explore how policy makers can make the most of resilience. This includes: defining the concept to make it more relevant to a wider range of development practitioners; building on the concept's strengths but also recognising its weaknesses; addressing these weaknesses by complementing resilience with other relevant concepts.

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