Resilience in Practice. Operationalising the Ten Characteristics of Resilience Through the Case of Greening Darfur

Harris, K.
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What does resilience look like in practice? How can conceptual understandings of resilience be transformed into meaningful applications at the practical level? Are existing programmes already building resilience or does undertaking a 'resilient' programme mean doing something differently? These are just some of the questions this paper will explore.

This paper will seek to apply Bahadur et al.'s (2010) ten characteristics of resilience to the Greening Darfur programme implemented by Practical Action in El Fashir, Sudan. There is currently a lack of evidence and analysis on how to operationalise resilience and what this means in practice. The analysis presented here, based on primary and secondary research, seeks to contribute towards filling that gap.

Strengthening Climate Resilience
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