Sustainable Development Goals Must Consider Security, Justice and Inequality to Achieve Social Justice

Allouche, J.
IDS Policy Briefing 88
Publisher IDS
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Security and social justice have a crucial role to play in the newly proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals, which aim to establish a safe, sustainable and just society for all, require a truly transformative approach, one that places inclusivity, safety, equity and justice at the centre of a global pursuit for sustainable development.

However, some United Nations member states are reluctant to securitise the sustainability agenda, and are advocating against their inclusion in the SDGs. The reality is that insecurity and inequality are at the crossroad of security and sustainability, making them significant issues to overcome.

This Policy Briefing argues that a reframing of security and justice around a social justice lens would create space to address the interlinkages between sustainability and security and justice.

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