Unpaid Care Work Programme: Uganda Country Progress Report (2012–2014)

Nesbitt-Ahmed, Z. and Malinga Apila, H.
IDS Evidence Report 126
Publisher IDS
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Uganda is one of three focus countries within the Unpaid Care Work (UCW) programme of the Accountable Grant. The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is partnering with ActionAid International (AAI) to help each of the three country programmes involved to develop and implement an advocacy strategy to make unpaid care work more visible in public policy, as well as to integrate unpaid care issues into each country’s programming.

IDS’s UCW programme uses an action learning methodology to look at what works and does not work in making the care economy more visible. Further, it aims to track and capture changes in policy and practice in order to improve understanding around the uptake of evidence (i.e. how evidence is being used or ignored, by whom, and with what effects).

This report covers the progress of the programme in Uganda over the first two and a half years of the four-year programme. For a programme aimed at influencing national policy, it is critical to understand the political economy context of Uganda.

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