Practice Papers

IDS Practice Papers are academically rigorous pieces aimed at non-academic audiences, such as programme and policy managers. Pitched as information for those on the frontline of development they often have practitioners as co-authors.

This series is a bridge between the considered reflection of IDS Working Papers and the policy-oriented IDS In Focus Policy Briefings; and aims for high quality engaged scholarship with the development community.

This is the image of Digging in, Spreading out and Growing up: Introducing CLTS in Africa.

Digging in, Spreading out and Growing up: Introducing CLTS in Africa

IDS Practice Paper 8 (2011)

Open defecation is the norm in rural and urban Africa – only about a third of the population uses improved sanitation facilities – and this contributes in various ways to a heavy disease burden. More details

IDS Practice Paper

Teaching and Learning Democracy: Collaborative Development of Courses on Citizenship

IDS Practice Paper 7 (2011)

How can educators work together to enhance work on democracy and citizenship? More details

IDS Practice Paper

Bringing Together Pleasure and Politics: Sexuality Workshops in Rural India

IDS Practice Paper 6 (2010)

What are the linkages between sexuality and violence against women - beyond sexual violence? Do poor rural women want to talk about sex? More details

IDS Practice Paper

Donor Schizophrenia and Aid Effectiveness: The Role of Global Funds

Practice Paper 5 (2010)

This paper looks at what donors, who are at the same time funders and critics of global funds, can do to increase the coherence of their own policies and actions. More details

IDS Practice Paper

Transforming Children's Lives Through Innovation in Quality Education: Implications for Policy and Practice

IDS Practice Paper 4 (2010)

This report argues for an expansion of the understanding of quality basic education, to be education that empowers students and addresses the intergenerational transmission of inequality and poverty. More details

This is the latest paper by Robert Chambers

Going to Scale with Community-Led Total Sanitation: Reflections on Experience, Issues and Ways Forward

IDS Practice Paper 1 (2009)

Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is a revolutionary approach in which communities are facilitated to conduct their own appraisal and analysis of open defecation (OD) and take their own action to become ODF (open defecation-free). More details

IDS Practice Paper

A Partnership for Health in China: Reflections on the Partnership between the Government of China, the World Bank and DFID in the China Basic Health Services Project

IDS Practice Paper 2 (2009)

This practice paper is one of a series, in which development practitioners reflect on their own experiences. Its aim is to contribute to efforts to understand China’s successful management of very rapid change and development. More details

IDS Practice Paper

Changing the World by Changing Ourselves: Reflections from a Bunch of BINGOs

IDS Practice Paper 3 (2009)

This Practice Paper aims to contribute to ongoing reflections and debates taking place among aid practitioners about if, and how, big international NGOs (BINGOs) can be more effective agents of ‘progressive social change'. More details