IDS publications on international development research

Linking Taxation and Social Protection: Evidence on Redistribution and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia

ICTD Working Paper 61 (2017)

This paper aims to jointly assess the distributional effect of taxes and transfers, through social protection, using Ethiopia as a case study. More details

Non-IDS publication

China's Energy Security: A Multidimensional Perspective

This book presents a comprehensive picture of China’s energy security. It covers all energy sectors – coal, oil, gas, renewables; international relations with all major sources of energy supply – the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa; and key areas of domestic policy making and supply. More details

Non-IDS publication

A Pillar of National Energy Security: Industrial Energy Efficiency

This chapter on industrial energy efficiency offers an overview of the policies and efforts undertaken by the Chinese government to reduce energy consumption, an important element of China’s energy security strategy. More details


Failing Young People? Addressing the Supply-side Bias and Individualisation in Youth Employment Programming

IDS Evidence Report 216 (2017)

International development actors increasingly focus on youth employment as a key development challenge. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Identifying Opportunities to Improve Governance of Aquatic Agricultural Systems through Participatory Action Research

Ecology and Society 22.1 (2017)

Challenges of governance often constitute critical obstacles to efforts to equitably improve livelihoods in social-ecological systems. Yet often, these challenges go unspoken, or are viewed as fixed parts of the context, beyond the scope of influence of agricultural, development, or natural resource management initiatives. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Improving Child Wellbeing and Care in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Social Protection

Children and Youth Services Review 73 (2016)

This article presents findings from cross-country qualitative research regarding the impact of social protection on loss of parental care, support to foster or kinship care and quality of care and wellbeing in Sub-Saharan Africa. More details

This is the cover to IDS Bulletin 47.6, 'Engaged Excellence'.

Engaged Excellence

IDS Bulletin 47.6 (2016)

Who defines what good quality research is? How, why and who should we co-construct knowledge with? What counts as impact? How do we build enduring partnerships? The articles in this IDS Bulletin aim to answer these questions based on IDS’ approach of ‘engaged excellence’. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Inclusive Innovation, Development and Policy: Four Key Themes

IDS Bulletin 47.2A (2016)

Building on these ideas from the IDS 50th Anniversary Conference in July 2016, this article links them with the Heeks Ladder of Inclusive Innovation to discuss the prospects for further inclusive innovation and development. More details

Non-IDS publication

'Lifestyle Leapfrogging' in Emerging Economics: Enabling Systemic Shifts to Sustainable Consumption

Journal of Consumer Policy (2016)

This paper combines the concept of leapfrogging with systems-thinking approaches to outline the potentials for and barriers to enabling systemic shifts to strong sustainable consumption in the emerging economies of China and India. More details

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