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Ghana Development Hub

The 2023 economic crisis in Ghana has challenged its status as a beacon for economic development in Africa, and refocused attention back onto rising inequality in the country.

But even as the viability of the country’s ‘Beyond Aid’ agenda comes under question, environmental concerns continue to escalate. Gold and cocoa, historically the leading exports, are subjects of contemporary focus, as pests, diseases and soil exhaustion increasingly beset cocoa, and the small-scale mining sector is expanding rapidly, risking further soil and water pollution, subsidence and erosion.

The Ghana Development Hub is working to understand these and other complex issues and to help influence policy and practitioner responses through knowledge sharing, mutual learning and collaboration.

Recent work
Milk Markets in Agropastoral Areas of Africa
This briefing suggests how markets in artisanal milk products may contribute to agropastoralist livelihoods in semi-arid Africa. In some of these areas, milk plays important nutritional and cultural roles, but production is declining due to environmental changes. Very small-scale local…
03 May 2023
Tax on mobile money transfers hits the poor hardest in Ghana
Ghana’s introduction of a 1.5% tax on mobile money transactions in May 2022 has been watched closely by policymakers across Africa. The proponents of the electronic transaction levy (e-levy) argue that taxes on mobile money — commonly referred to in Ghana…
Mike Rogan & 3 others
20 September 2022
What are the priorities for realising SDG 6.2 in Ghana?
How are we doing on SDG-6 to ensure safely managed sanitation for all in Ghana? Where is progress being made, and how is this being achieved? What challenges remain? How can we accelerate efforts and reach those most in need?…
10 January 2022
Towards Brown Gold: Wa, Ghana
Wa, the most urbanised town in the Upper West Region, faces significant sanitation challenges, along with many other towns in Ghana. These challenges are worsened by a lack of government action and planning, and embedded socio-cultural and gendered practices. Private…
Living Off-Grid Food and Infrastructure Collaboration
This research is designed to help improve the lives of the poorest residents of cities in Africa and Asia by focusing on how they are meeting their basic needs and accessing infrastructure, particularly when they are living 'off-grid'. The research…
Action on Children’s Harmful Work in African Agriculture
Action on Children’s Harmful Work in African Agriculture (ACHA) is a seven-year research programme supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) that started in January 2020. The aim of the programme is to build evidence on: the forms,…