Stories of impact

We transform the knowledge, action and leadership needed for more equitable and sustainable development globally, through our world-class research, learning and teaching.

Over the last fifty years, we have worked with governments, philanthropic foundations, academic institutions and civil society organisations to transform approaches to progressive social, political and economic change.  Here are some of our stories of change:


Stories of impact

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Impact Story

Strengthening international networks for development

In 2020 we launched a network of IDS International Initiatives focused on the geographies at the leading edge of development thinking and practice due to accelerating geopolitical change. These Initiatives are already having collaborative impact in strengthening mutual learning for development...

26 March 2021

Impact Story

Strengthening responses to epidemics

The Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform (SSHAP) has played a key role in the global response to epidemics over recent years. A partnership between the Institute of Development Studies, Anthrologica and The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, SSHAP provides vital insights in...

10 February 2021

Impact Story

Research on pastoralism highlights new directions for development

Insights from more than fifty years of IDS research on climate, environment and pastoralism have challenged conventional thinking about environmental change and led to wide-reaching impacts in practice and policy. The world is an uncertain, challenging environment for many people. This is true...

21 January 2021

Impact Story

Working towards stronger, fairer tax systems

Collaborations between researchers and revenue officials can guide bold reforms with big impacts, boosting domestic revenue mobilisation to finance the Sustainable Development Goals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM3cLpJ70uA&feature=youtu.be Many low- and middle-income countries...

14 December 2020

Impact Story

Achieving climate justice in India’s Sundarbans

Women on the frontline of climate change in India have been making their voices heard and demanding climate justice, with help from a research partnership including the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and led by Noragric, NMBU and funded by the Research Council of Norway. Communities in...

4 December 2020

Impact Story

Shaping UK international development policy

The IDS-led Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development Programme (K4D) has supported the learning of thousands of UK government staff and global partners to more effectively innovate and respond to rapidly changing and complex development challenges. By fostering a greater understanding of...

30 September 2020

Impact Story

Strengthening pedagogy through partnerships in Africa

As a higher education institution, IDS has been working in partnership with universities in Africa to strengthen pedagogical approaches across the continent. The Pedagogical Leadership in Africa (PedaL) programme is part of the UK-Aid-funded Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education...

28 September 2020

Impact Story

Hate speech monitoring helps raise alarm for Ahmadis in Pakistan

Members of the IDS-led Coalition for Religious Equality and Inclusive Development (CREID) identified a spike in online hate speech towards Pakistan's Ahmadiyya community in April and May this year and rapidly mobilised to raise the alarm with international stakeholders, including the UN Special...

17 September 2020

Impact Story

Reforming religious education curricula in Iraq

The Al-Khoei Foundation, a founding member of the IDS-led Coalition for Religious Equality and Inclusive Development (CREID), has successfully engaged with religious leaders, teachers, headteachers and local education departments to initiate reforms to religious education in Iraq and address the...

17 September 2020