International development research and mutual learning hubs

Transformational change requires equitable and sustainable partnerships that generate knowledge, action and leadership that is shaped by a range of perspectives.

We are committed to promoting collaborations around research, learning and teaching through the establishment of international development research and mutual learning hubs. These hubs will intensify our current engagements in key locations of strategic importance in the global development landscape. Currently, these locations include Brazil, China, Europe, Ghana and Pakistan.

IDS plays a role as a convener, facilitator and co-learner in the hubs. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience within and across borders, and work with partners to address development challenges in each country and in relation to the country’s influence on development in other countries. Finally, we ensure excellence and equity in our learning and teaching by diversifying our student body and professional learners, and developing training opportunities.

What we hope to achieve

We will strengthen and build research, learning and teaching partnerships that:

  • Help realise a world where climate and environmental justice are upheld, extreme inequities are reduced, healthy and fulfilling lives are fostered and democratic, inclusive and accountable societies are nurtured.
  • Build collective recognition of development as progressive change for everyone, everywhere.

We will do this through:

  • Research and engagement collaborations accross sciences and sectors that will establish and strengthen development agendas that help meet the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals framework at national, regional and international levels.
  • Deepened alliances with universities, social movements and others, to enrich and extend mutual learning between countries worldwide on tackling global challenges.
  • Teaching partnerships with a focus excellence, innovation and equity to nurture a new generation of development leaders who value diverse knowledge and understand the impact of power dynamics on equitable and sustainable development.

Themes and activities

Each hub will explore:

  1. Development innovations and challenges in hub countries
  2. Hub countries and their role in regional and global development cooperation
  3. Development studies as a discipline

The hubs will contribute new knowledge, leadership and action on emergent global challenges:

  • Achieving social justice and sustainable livelihoods in a digital age
  • Building climate and environmental justice
  • Ensuring youth employment and political inclusion
  • Innovating for equity in protracted displacement and forced migration
  • Resisting backlash on gender equity, social justice and civic space.
  • Transforming knowledge and action on global food equity

Each hub takes a unique approach, developed in partnership and tailored to the context and the value that IDS can bring. Activities broadly include:

  • Co-authored publications
  • Curriculum development
  • Knowledge exchange and policy engagement
  • Learning events
  • Postgraduate degree scholarships
  • Research collaboration
  • Staff and student exchanges
  • Strengthening IDS community links
  • Teaching and professional development

Engaging our community

The hubs aim to convene members of our community, to build our engagements in each country to be more than the ‘sum of their parts’. We are therefore expanding and strengthening relationships with alumni, former staff members, honorary fellows and associates, partners, funders, visiting fellows (current and former), short course participants, and IDS Trustees to co-create and deliver activities.