Green Transformations

Accelerating sustainability is a priority theme of IDS. The undeniable search for more material prosperity by more and more people undermines the sustainability of human life on our planet. The newly established Green Transformations Cluster concentrates on this dilemma and the name seeks to bring this out. We define green transformations as processes of restructuring which bring the economy within the planetary boundaries.

We prioritise two big changes:

  • From fossil fuel to renewable energy
  • From throw away to circular economy.

Our research on these transformations will concentrate on two questions:

  • Who drives these green transformations or holds them back? How do these drivers differ between levels of development, institutional systems and stages of policy process?
  • Do green transformations and social inclusion reinforce each other? Under what conditions? How can these conditions be influenced by policy?

Papers and blogs arising from these projects pay particular attention to the role of Transformative Alliances in accelerating sustainability. This Briefing Paper: From Sustainable Development to the Green Transformation shows how our work fits in the green conceptual landscape and how we see the way forward.

The work on Green Transformations is being carried out in conjunction with various Centres of IDS and the University of Sussex, notably the STEPS CentreSPRU and the Centre for Global Political Economy. We also work in close collaboration with several centres in other countries which are named on the web pages of specific projects.

Key contacts

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Ana Pueyo

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Recent work

Journal Article

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30 November 2018


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