Knowledge, Impact and Policy

IDS has pioneered approaches to linking up the supply of inclusive research with the demand for evidence from governments, donors, international development agencies, and civil society. It has also helped shape the concept of the politics of knowledge and current understandings of the relationship between evidence, policy and practice being social, political and interactive.

We have significant experience of mobilising knowledge in response to urgent humanitarian crises, and also provide tailored development knowledge services to governments and donor agencies as well as centres of excellence for knowledge sharing and engagement.  Our research staff and knowledge specialists bring particular experience and expertise in the following areas:

Monitoring, evaluation and learning for impact

We support projects and organisations to design and implement effective monitoring and evaluation frameworks and develop theories of change. We also facilitate learning around research impact and support reflective learning as a key component of impactful research projects and development programmes.

Evidence into use

We work to inform research design that integrates knowledge exchange and stakeholder engagement mechanisms from the start. This includes capacity/learning support for internal knowledge management strategies, design of research programme uptake strategies and facilitation of engagement strategies to bring together stakeholders into effective networks and communities of practice.

Digitally enabled knowledge exchange

We advocate for the ‘thoughtful use of technology’, in effectively curating and sharing knowledge. We have the technical and editorial skills to design and develop innovative digital research communications products, to advise on best practise in the use of digital technologies for knowledge exchange and to build the capacity of others to make good use of openly available tools.

Research communications

Generating high quality accessible products designed for maximum engagement including the IDS Bulletin.

Capacity building and mutual learning

Through programmes and projects and providing short courses for institutions and individuals we work at the interface between research evidence and policy and practice.

Key contacts

Image of Melanie Connor
Melanie Connor

Head of Knowledge Impact and Policy




Image of Alan Stanley
Alan Stanley

Digital Knowledge Manager

Image of Alice Shaw
Alice Shaw

Editorial Coordinator - K4D

Image of Alice Webb
Alice Webb

Communications and Impact Officer

Image of Alison Norwood
Alison Norwood

Publications Manager

Image of Alistair Scott
Alistair Scott

Knowledge Officer

Image of Aurin Huq
Aurin Huq

Knowledge Officer

Image of Ben O’Donovan-Iland
Ben O’Donovan-Iland

Communications and Impact Officer

Image of Beth Richard
Beth Richard

Production Editor



Knowledge Translation in the Global South

This IDRC-funded research project, Knowledge Translation in the Global South, seeks to identify similarities and differences in knowledge translation strategies and practices used by Southern researchers across different disciplines, investigating the challenges they experience. It will...


Afghanistan Strategic Learning Initiative (ASLI)

As a part of the Afghanistan Strategic Learning Initiative, IDS led a workshop exploring needs and vulnerability in Afghanistan. Leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of leading global think tanks working on Afghanistan and aid issues, the resulting policy briefing will be based on...


K4D Learning Journey on Inclusion in Crises

Inclusion is an approach (and an objective) founded on the human rights principles of inherent dignity, participation and respect for diversity which counters structural discrimination and enables affected people and communities to more effectively anticipate, prevent, prepare, respond,...


K4D Learning Journey on International Nature

K4D provides the UK Department for International Development with facilitated learning activities to explore and respond to complex, interdisciplinary development issues of strategic importance to policy, programming and organisational learning.

Recent work


Humanitarian Evidence and Discourse Summary No.26

K4D Helpdesk Report

This is the 26th monthly Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development (K4D) Programme's Humanitarian Evidence and Discourse Summary to signpost the latest relevant evidence and discourse on humanitarian action. It is the result of one day of work per month and is not intended to be a...

16 May 2022


Lessons Learned from Humanitarian Interventions in Ukraine (2014-2021)

K4D Helpdesk Report

Eastern Ukraine has been affected by conflict since 2014, resulting in large numbers of people requiring humanitarian assistance. Throughout the different phases of the conflict, numerous lessons have been learned by humanitarian actors. This Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development...

Anna Strachan

3 May 2022