Knowledge, Impact and Policy

The Knowledge, Impact and Policy (KIP) team leads and supports programme and project knowledge mobilisation, policy analysis and research uptake and communications.

This creative and experienced team seeks to work in collaboration with internal and external partners from the inception to the delivery of a programme or project. We apply a range of knowledge exchange approaches to the design and delivery of research programmes and share learning to strengthen the development research sector to do the same.

The KIP team expertise and experience falls into five principle categories:

Monitoring, evaluation and learning for impact: We support projects and organisations to design and implement effective monitoring and evaluation frameworks and develop theories of change. We also facilitate learning around research impact and support reflective learning as a key component of impactful research projects and development programmes.

Evidence into use: We work to inform research design that integrates knowledge exchange and stakeholder engagement mechanisms from the start. This includes capacity/learning support for internal knowledge management strategies, design of research programme uptake strategies and facilitation of engagement strategies to bring together stakeholders into effective networks and communities of practice.

Digitally enabled knowledge exchange: We advocate for the “thoughtful use of technology”, in effectively curating and sharing knowledge. We have the technical and editorial skills to design and develop innovative digital research communications products, to advise on best practise in the use of digital technologies for knowledge exchange and to build the capacity of others to make good use of openly available tools.

Research Communications: Generating high quality accessible products designed for maximum engagement including the IDS Bulletin.

Capacity building and mutual learning: Through programmes and projects and providing short courses for institutions and individuals we work at the interface between research evidence and policy and practice.

Key contacts

Image of Kelly Shephard
Kelly Shephard

Head of Knowledge, Impact and Policy


+44 (0)1273 915795



Image of Alan Stanley
Alan Stanley

Digital Knowledge Manager

Image of Alice Shaw
Alice Shaw

Editorial Coordinator - K4D

Image of Alice Webb
Alice Webb

Digital Knowledge Coordinator

Image of Alison Norwood
Alison Norwood

Publications Manager

Image of Alistair Scott
Alistair Scott

Knowledge Officer

Image of Beth Richard
Beth Richard

Production Editor

Image of Ed Small
Ed Small

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Specialist

Image of Emilie Wilson
Emilie Wilson

Communications Officer



The Impact Initiative

Five year initiative that seeks to maximise the impact of research funded by the ESRC DFID Strategic Partnership.

Recent work


Investigating Domestic Violence Law in Cambodia

ESRC-DFID Research Impact

Legislation seeking to address violence against women has grown in recent years – at least 144 countries now have laws on domestic violence (DV). However, many women are still prevented or deterred from accessing justice. The ESRC-DFID Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation Research on DV law...

1 September 2019


Water Security

ESRC-DFID Research for Policy and Practice

Access to clean water is essential for life but all too often in water management, short-term gains for the few are prioritised above long-term benefits for the many. This selection of ESRC-DFID funded research explores the realities facing people for whom water insecurity is a daily threat,...

1 September 2019


Raising Awareness of Environmental Change in the Maldives

ESRC-DFID Research Impact

Island communities in the Maldives are experiencing environmental change on a daily basis due to coastal erosion, the accumulation of waste at sea and on beaches, and the rapid expansion of the built environment. Researchers from the Universities of Manchester and Reading in the UK, and the...

1 August 2019


Pensioner Poverty

ESRC-DFID Research for Policy and Practice

This collection of ESRC-DFID funded research shows that in many settings, universal cash transfers and social pension programmes are providing much-needed financial support to older people.

31 July 2019