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Sussex Development Lectures

Building intellectual communities for a world in crisis: lessons from Africa

23 April 2020 17:00–18:30

In the 1980s, African countries underwent an economic crisis that was deeper and longer-lasting than the American Great Depression. The imposition of austerity in the name of ‘development’ was often accompanied by the rise of authoritarian regimes and civil conflict. Universities could not emerge unscathed – scholars left the continent en masse, research collapsed and book famines became commonplace. And yet some intellectual communities endured.

This Sussex Development Lecture focuses on one prominent example – CODESRIA. It examines how this pan-African community used collective deliberation to resist and reimagine social forces. This resistance complicates existing theoretical accounts of intellectual communities and suggests a possible mode of intellectual survival today.

This lecture is part of the Sussex Development Lecture series: Global development challenges: towards a politics of hope.


  • Nimi Hoffman, Lecturer in International Education and Development, Centre for International Education, University of Sussex


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