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Evidence into Policy and Practice Series

Can Social Network Analysis Explain How Research is Constructed and Used?

21 March 2019 13:00–14:30

IDS Convening Space Institute of Development Studies
Library Road

There has been a rapid growth in funding focused on evidence use and initiatives designed to strengthen the links between research and policy. Lately, this field has become increasingly cognisant of the social and interactive nature of evidence into policy processes.

Despite this shift away from predominantly technical approaches towards relational theories of evidence use, the community of scholars and practitioners using network theory and social network analysis to understand how evidence is produced and used remains relatively small.

Our panel will share cutting edge research and innovative practice that utilizes network analysis to address gaps in our knowledge around how social relationships, connections and group dynamics fundamentally shape the construction of research and its use in policy and practice.


  • Louise Clark (IDS/Impact Initiative)
    Brokering research and policy networks – mapping relationships emerging across a knowledge community
  • Nasreen Jessani (Johns Hopkins University/Stellenbosch University)
    Academic knowledge brokers : Using network analysis to explore multiplex relationships, networks and policy influence in Kenya
  • Kathryn Oliver (LSHTM)
    Exploring social networks of power, influence and evidence use in public health
  • Jordan Tchilingirian (Bath University)
    How think tanks construct knowledge – a quantitative network analysis


James Georgalakis (IDS)

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