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Covid-19 and building a better world: crisis or opportunity?

29 March 2021 13:00–14:00

The current global pandemic of Covid-19 is a health and broader crisis of overwhelming proportions, threatening livelihoods, economies, and societies. It particularly affects those already experiencing the greatest vulnerabilities. In putting the lives of millions of people at risk, creating uncertainties, heightening existing fragilities, and exacerbating inequalities, it has become a truly global challenge. But crisis also brings opportunity.

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This webinar provided an overview of a newly launched special issue of the IDS Bulletin entitled ‘Building a Better World: the Crisis and Opportunity of Covid-19’. Drawing on a successful collaboration between Irish Aid and IDS, and involving the participation of several of the Bulletin contributors, the webinar asks how we can collectively and equitably shape – and even transform – our shared future, in the light of experience of Covid-19. It explores the potential of some priority areas for action looking forward, and also highlights some key principles that will help to guide those future actions in efforts to build back a better world.


Melissa Leach, Director of IDS


  • Peter Taylor, Director of Research, IDS
  • Mary McCarthy, Nutrition Lead (formerly Research Lead), Irish Aid
  • Keetie Roelen, IDS Research Fellow (on social protection)
  • Sohela Nazneen, IDS Research Fellow (on gender)
  • Nick Nisbett, IDS Research Fellow and Ayako Ebata, IDS Research Fellow (on food equity)
  • Kim Mwamelo, Reproductive Health and Nutrition Programme Manager, Embassy of Ireland Tanzania (on Enhancing nutrition in Tanzania).


  • Michelle Winthrop, Policy Director, Irish Aid.

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