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Sussex Development Lectures

Covid-19 and development: building food systems back better

15 April 2021 17:00–18:00

Measures to curtail the spread of Covid-19 has had profound effects on the food and nutrition security of poor and marginalised communities across the world. More than 820 million people were living with hunger and food insecurity prior to Covid-19 and they – and millions more – are at risk of long-term food insecurity and malnutrition. As the exchange of food items is hampered by closure of markets, labour shortages and disrupted international trade, food systems jobs are affected with implications on increasing poverty.

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This Sussex Development Lecture explores the underlying causes of the vulnerabilities that marginalised people experience with regards to access to nutritious food as well as income-generating opportunities within food systems. Speakers will discuss what the current Covid-19 crisis tells us about the resilience and vulnerability of the food systems today, what can be done to build food systems that are resilient to shocks, and how to build resilient yet equitable food systems across the world.



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This event is part of the Sussex Development Lecture series on Covid-19 and development – building back better?

Sussex Development Lectures are jointly run by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the School of Global Studies , the Science Policy and Research Unit (SPRU) and the Centre for International Education (CIE), based at the University of Sussex.


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