Past Event

Feminist protests and politics in a world of crisis

10 November 2021 13:00–14:30

The special issue of the Gender and Development journal covers empirical cases and current thinking on the rapidly evolving terrain of gender justice and feminist organising. In the last decade, we have witnessed a rise in racist, misogynist, populist and neo-nationalist governments, ideas and political practices that challenges the policy and discursive gains made. Further challenges to gender equality gains made in the world of work and labour rights comes from Covid-19 and its global impact.

Yet, feminist and women’s rights organisations and gender justice actors are mobilising around various issues – violence against women, denial of abortion rights, LGBTQI rights, weakening democracy, immigration laws and many other issues. The struggle against backlash is interconnected. This event covers IDS members’ and partners’ work on manifestation of backlash through the co-option of feminist/ gender equality agendas around the world and in international policy circles; the rise of ‘femonationalism’ in Europe (particularly Italy), the Shaheenbag movement and the strategies used by the women to counter democratic backslide and erosion of citizenship rights in India, and Hazara women’s protests against state violence and  how participation in street activism affects women’s political leadership.


  • Tessa Lewin, IDS Research Fellow
  • Daria Colella, IDS alumnus
  • Deepta Chopra, IDS Research Fellow
  • Miguel Loureiro, IDS Research Fellow
  • Jalila Haider, human rights lawyer, and Sussex Alumnus
  • Lean Karlsson, Sida


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James Andrews

Communications and Marketing Assistant