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Global and domestic sex work: what can and should Britain be doing?

24 January 2017 18:00–20:00

The Marlborough Pub & Theatre,
4 Prince's St,

Governments, donors, NGOs and international agencies create many laws, policies and programmes about sex work. They variously aim to maintain public order and morals, protect health and prevent exploitation and abuse.

But sex workers across the globe have characterised many of them as patronizing, unhelpful or outright dangerous and complain that they entrench poverty, create unsafe working conditions and enable violence. Strong cases have been made for decriminalisation of sex work, policies that support economic emancipation and health and welfare programmes grounded in human rights. What might these look like in the UK and abroad and what can British institutions do to ensure the best possible outcomes for sex workers and clients and the communities they live and work in?


This is a public event and all are welcome. 

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