Past Event

Health Systems: What’s Gender Got to Do with It?

15 February 2016 13:00–14:30

Institute of Development Studies,
University of Sussex,
East Sussex,

Health systems are not gender neutral; gender is a key social stratifier, which affects health system needs, experiences, and outcomes. Yet, health systems research (HSR) often fails to sufficiently consider gender as a social relation.

Building on and presenting the work of “Research in Gender and Ethics: Building Stronger Health Systems” (RinGs), this presentation will explore why it is important to consider gender within health systems and health systems research. The session will include an interactive creative communications exercise to highlight the significance of gender within health systems.

About the research

RinGs is a Cross-Research Programme Consortia (RPC) which brings together three health systems focused RPCs, ReBUILD, RESYST, and Future Health Systems, in a partnership to galvanise gender and ethics analysis in health systems.

About the speaker

Rosemary Morgan is a Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland with the RinGs project.

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