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Humanitarian assistance ‘doing no harm through need not creed’?

19 November 2019 13:00–14:30

Convening Space, Institute of Development Studies Library Road, University of Sussex, Falmer, BN1 9RE

How far can humanitarian and aid organisations balance their principles of neutrality and do no harm with the reality on the ground, when people face discrimination, marginalisation precisely because they belong a specific religious group or hold a particular set of beliefs?

Could an increased focus on the (more pressing) needs of minorities incur a backlash? How can faith-based organisations maintain neutrality and ensure that they do not exacerbate existing religious inequalities in the communities they are serving?


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Religious Inequalities in Development seminar series

This seminar was the second in our Religious Inequalities in Development seminar series, organised by the Coalition for Religious Equality and Inclusive Development, an international consortium led by IDS.

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Emilie Wilson

Head of Communications and Impact, ICTD

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