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Complexity and Development Seminar Series

In the field with complexity

21 January 2019 13:00–14:30

Room 100

In 2012 Jody Aked went to the Philippines to study collective action on the environment, inspired by complex systems accounts of behaviour and social change. Some years later (!) she’s able to share what she learned about using complexity in development.

Drawing on examples from her participatory study, she gave practical ideas about how to use complexity in design, execution and analysis of social change, while keeping rigour and risk in check. She will try and show something of the richness of what she was able to do and see with a complexity approach, and where reverting to a traditional social science paradigm would have come up short.

Jody Aked led the Philippines research for the Valuing Volunteering project at IDS and did her PhD alongside being a VSO volunteer. Currently she is applying complex systems thinking and the science of wellbeing to improve organisational work cultures at Friday.

Everyone welcome

This seminar is part of a series that aims to share cutting edge thinking and research being done at IDS and the University of Sussex around how we practically capture and account for complexity across a variety of sustainable development contexts.


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