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Local government leadership in sanitation and hygiene: Experiences and learnings

3 February 2022 11:00–12:30

WASH system-strengthening approaches highlight the centrality of government leadership and political will for equitable and sustainable services. However, guidance on how to foster political will is limited, particularly in sanitation and hygiene and at the local government level, where the responsibility for implementation often sits.

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To bridge this gap, in 2020 and 2021 the Sanitation Learning Hub (SLH) collaborated with local governments and development partners in local areas of Benin, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda. Through participatory cross-analysis of cases studies, we looked at what led local governments to prioritise sanitation and hygiene, identifying commonalities and transferable knowledge. A Learning Brief documenting the experience of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda is available in English and French, while the Learning Brief on Benin, Ghana, Guinea and Nigeria will be available shortly.

This webinar, hosted by SLH, aims to provide an overview of the research and case studies, and to promote reflections on emerging learnings and ways forward. After a first part in which research participants deliver brief presentations, the second part consists of a panel discussion with development partners, local governments, SLH and the audience.

Simultaneous translation of the event into French will be available.

Webinar presenters and panellists:

  • Shadrack Guusu, United Purpose, Nigeria
  • Becky Tingir, Logo LGA WASH unit, Nigeria
  • Talia Meeuwissen, Unicef, Kenya
  • Jimmy Kariuki, Unicef, Kenya
  • Emmah Mwende, National Ministry of Health, Kenya
  • Issifu Adama, Unicef, Ghana
  • Yahaya Mohammed Donaldson, Yendi municipal, Ghana
  • Afou Bengaly, IRC-WASH, Mali
  • Jamie Myers, SLH, UK
  • Gian Melloni, SLH, UK (facilitator

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