Past Event

Intersecting inequalities and accountable relationships: Why so much hype?

12 December 2018 13:00–14:30

IDS, Convening Space
Institute of Development Studies
University of Sussex
Library Road

From late 2016 to early 2018, researchers from the IDS Participation, Inclusion and Social Change team worked with five partners in (Egypt, Ghana, India, South Africa and Uganda) carrying out participatory research to understand how intersecting inequalities are shaping the daily lives of marginalised groups and communities, and the kinds of participatory processes that are helping them to advance claims for accountability from different powerful actors.

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In this seminar we will launch the final report from this research project, unpacking the terminology of ‘intersecting inequalities’ and ‘accountability’ which have become ubiquitous when speaking about social change and inclusive development. Come and see what the hype is about: the terminology is complex however the message is simple and profound.​


Key contacts

James Andrews

Communications and Marketing Assistant


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