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New Narratives for Livestock Policy

6 March 2023 8:00–10:00

This panel session will highlight a new perspective on extensive livestock systems that embraces ‘uncertainty,’ challenges conventional policy ideas and introduces new thinking on livestock and climate change, biodiversity protection and pastoral development.

The opening talk will be presented by the principal investigator of the ERC PASTRES project and IDS Research Fellow Professor Ian Scoones, followed by four short presentations on key findings around the themes of: Mobility and migration; Land and the environment; Markets and livelihoods; Social protection and insurance.

4 high-level commentators will provide their input followed by an open discussion and questions and answer with the audience.

This event is part of a three-day workshop on ‘Pastoralism, Development and Policy’ organised by the PASTRES (Pastoralism, Uncertainty, Resilience: Dynamic Change at the Margins) project together with the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). The PASTRES project is co-hosted by the Institute of Development Studies and funded by the European Research Council (ERC).

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