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Food Equity

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture: An equity-based analysis from India

23 March 2021 9:00–11:00

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture: An equity-based analysis from India, Carly E. Nichols, Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, University of Iowa, United States

Food is central to the social and physical wellbeing of all people, important not only to the fulfilment of basic needs and livelihoods, but also to our interaction with wider cultural and natural environments. Equity references the wider socio-political processes which lead to unequal outcomes. Enabling equitable food systems rooted in social justice across scales is a key issue of our time, and research on inequity reproduced within food systems will provide a wider lens for understanding and addressing inequity in societies.

This seminar series engages with scholarly debates, policy and practice on equity across the food system, critically exploring different ways of experiencing equity (or the lack of it) at different scales and in relation to a variety of food challenges – hunger and famines, precarious livelihoods, unhealthy and unethical diets, and threatened territories, among other.

A guiding question for the series is: what does an equitable system look like for food, at multiple levels, and how can inequities be addressed?

  • The End of Food Ethics?: Speculative Musings on Changing Technology, Consumer Choice and the Foods of the Future – Mike Goodman (University of Reading)

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