Past Event

Participatory research and inquiry in public administration: A dialogical approach

13 October 2021 16:00–17:15

On the occasion of the launch of the first ever SAGE Handbook of Participatory Research and Inquiry, co-edited by Professor Sonia Ospina in collaboration with Danny Burns and Joanna Howard (both from IDS). This panel – facilitated by Professor Erica Foldy – will seek to reflect on the place of Participatory Action Research (PAR) in public policy and management.

It will focus on the role of dialogue as an essential component of the policy and decision-making process, where it is intended to contribute to informing, developing or implementing change. Panellists will discuss experiences of PAR using dialogic and deliberative approaches and methodologies that had an impact on policy and management.

Participating panellists (and the chapters they co-authored for the handbook) are:

  • Jodi R. Sandfort and Trupti Sarode: ‘Art of Hosting frameworks and methods as participatory research’
  • Jo Howard, Sonia Ospina and Lyle Yorks: ‘Cooperative inquiry as dialogic process’
  • Barry Percy-Smith: ‘Creating spaces for participatory social learning and change with young people’
  • Erika Lopez Franco and Matt Davies: ‘Influencing global policy processes through participatory approaches’
  • Mariana de Santibañes and Sonia Ospina, editors of section: ‘Dialogic and Deliberative Processes’

This event is sponsored by NYU Wagner and the Institute of Development Studies.


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