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Between the Lines Podcast

Podcast S02 Ep06: Water for Food Security, Nutrition and Social Justice – Lyla Mehta and Claudia Ringler

From 06 Mar 2020 0:00 until 31 Mar 2020 0:00


Water is crucial to sustain life, food, ecosystems, human health and wellbeing. Still, millions of poor and marginalised women and men around the world face challenges in accessing water due to a range of ecological, socio-political, institutional and economic reasons.

The focus of this month’s episode of Between the Lines is a new book, Water for Food Security, Nutrition and Social Justice. IDS researcher, Lidia Cabral interviews two of its authors IDS Fellow, Lyla Mehta and Claudia Ringler, who is Deputy Director of Environment and Production Technology Division at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). They argue for the need to improve policy coherence across water, land and food and make the case for strengthening the relationship between the human rights to water and food, especially for marginalized women and men.


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